• 29Dec

    Hello, I am so pleased that you decided to visit this site. Here we intend to share the latest beauty techniques in home beauty care.

    You can save tons of money by learning the latest trends and adopting them for your home use. We currently have pages focused on skin care and facials because that is the foundation to a healthy radiant look. New information will be posted on this post page to keep you up to date.

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  • 27Dec

    Take healthy steps to preserve youthful glow

    Take healthy steps to preserve youthful glow: Take a note from Chinese culture and mix green tea powder into brewed white tea to create a face mask that will help fight wrinkles and load your skin with plumping antioxidants.

    Add plenty of fruits and vegetables to your diet to make your skin more beautiful. Eating more fruits and vegetables have benefits to every aspect of your health, not just to your skin. Raw food can not just make your skin beautiful and youthful, it can extend your life by years.

    If you want to look your best, avoid excessive amounts of caffeine. Caffeine has been known to make you feel tired, cause you to feel jittery, and also make you look older over time. If you insist on drinking tea or coffee, try to limit it to one cup a day. If you can’t give them up entirely, try decaf coffee or a good green tea.

    Expert make-up artists use the color pink all the time. It draws the eye away from problem areas. This can help take away from puffy eyes or blemishes.

    Whether you have chosen to focus on enhancing and developing yourself from the inside or the outside, this article should have provided you with a great deal of help as you pursue beauty. Use these tips and you will find it easy to feel beautiful, and love the person that you are.

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  • 27Dec

    All Natural Hydrating Facial

    Easy to create and easy on your pocketbook!

    3Tbsp Pumpkin Puree

    1/2 Teaspoon of Honey

    1/4 Teaspoon Milk

    DIY: Vegan Winter Hydrating Face Mask


  • 27Dec

    The Korean Beauty Tour of NYC Your Skin Needs Now – Racked NY

    The Korean Beauty Tour of NYC Your Skin Needs NowRacked NYCharlotte immediately grabs a few of the line's best-sellers: the 'Petite Bunny' gloss bars ($8), 'Fruit Princess' lip gloss ($12), and 'Panda's Dream' brightening eye base ($14)—the first step in getting that dewy, gleamy eye makeup look that's so …



  • 22Dec

    Nothing makes you feel as fresh as an invigorating facial! Using all natural ingredients can result in a simple and inexpensive facial mask that you can create from items found in your kitchen.

    Oatmeal and honey with a little olive oil can create a soothing and moisturizing mask.