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    Don’t Let Holiday Travel Ruin Your Skin – Allure Magazine (blog)

    Allure Magazine came up with some great ideas for Holiday travel; you can read the full article by clicking here.

    Try a sheet mask. This is probably only for beauty maniacs on overnight flights, but these potent masks may be worth getting a weird look or two. “I recommend using a hydrating one,” says Day. (We like SK-II Facial Treatment Masks and Giorgio Armani Luminessence Bright Infusion Bio-Cellulose Masks.) Use your facial mist first, then put on the mask—and to hell with worrying about judgmental glances from your seat mates. Once they see how dewy and glow-y you are upon deplaning, they’ll understand.

    The author also recommended using a facial mist as advised by New York dermatologist Doris Day:

    Use a facial spray. (But not just any facial spray.)
    “I really like the Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water and Evian Brumistaeur Facial Spray,” says Day. “They come in travel sizes and aren’t just regular bottled water. If you just spray regular water on your skin, it will evaporate and dry out your skin even more,” explains Day. The natural spring water, however, contains minerals and has a pH level that won’t irritate skin. Both products also come in spray bottles that produce a superfine mist, allowing the droplets to absorb more easily (without messing with your makeup).

    Facial Skin Care : Hydrating the Skin in a Facial

    Giorgio Armani Luminessence Bright Infusion Bio-Cellulose Mask Review

    A brightening facial sheet mask

    Hydrates, brightens, and evens skin tone

    Dimethicone, glycerin, and beech tree extract (moisturizers); licorice root extract (brightener and anti-inflammatory); salicylic acid (exfoliant)

    Each individually wrapped tissue mask comes soaked in a thick, goopy white serum. It feels slippery and cool to the touch, and it’s odorless. But it looks scary as hell—think Hannibal Lecter or Halloween‘s Michael Myers.

    These masks plump up dehydrated skin and make it noticeably softer after just ten minutes. Massaging the coddling ingredients into our skin, which you’re advised to do for greater absorption, is well worth the effort. After multiple uses, our dull complexion looked brighter, more even, and, dare we say, glowing. These masks are definitely an indulgence, and that’s OK in our book. Splurge on them to use before any big event (wedding, college reunion)—they make skin look that amazing.

    Best of Beauty 2014

    PRICE*: $175 for six

    —Fiona Gibb for Allure Magazine: read the full article here



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